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What your new cat NEEDS:

What he'd probably like:)

We have listed our (and our cats') favorite items for this list!

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Tips for Cat Owners

Bringing young kittens home has its own challenges -- see some tips below

  • Kitten proof, just like you would with a new baby or toddler

  • Remove hazards like wires (things they could chew on or get tangled up in)

  • Make sure toys are safe, and nothing too high for them to fall from -- cats are daredevils by nature and young kittens lack the dexterity & grace that older cats tend to have

  • Confine to a small room at first, making sure they have a safe hiding space where you can see them without moving furniture etc to ensure they are safe) and where they can easily find a litterbox -- gradually give them more freedom as they grow and become more confident

  • use non-clumping litter as kittens do sometimes want to eat clumping clay litter; this can cause a life threatening bowel obstruction 

  • Feed kitten food (both wet and dry kibble) through their first year of life

​Introducing a new cat into your home -- check out these sites and tips for helpful information to minimize the natural anxiety cats feel with any changes:

General Cat Tips & Tricks

  • Personalities don't fully develop for several months -- the snuggly kitten you see at 8 weeks may end up with an entirely different personality by the time he/she is 6 months old!  If your heart is set on a specific personality you may have better luck adopting an older kitten or adult cat

  • Wet food should be offered occasionally; you want your cat to learn to like it as appetites get more selective as they age and sometimes dry food becomes difficult to eat -- also in the event that you need to medicate your cat, wet food as a treat can be the trick needed!

Litterboxes & Litter

  • Cats are selective with litter types and boxes -- give options for both including litterboxes with and without a cover and see what your cat prefers

  • Scoop often, and if you don't want to scoop often, consider an automatic litterbox! 

  • Crystals, Pretty Litter and traditional clumping TidyCat are typically the favorites; for kittens paper litter or even pellet bedding from Tractor Supply is best -- pellets are $4.99/40 pound bag!  Inexpensive and easy to dump the whole litterbox and refill...

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